Limira-Demre-Kekova tour from Kemer

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Limira-Demre-Kekova tour from Kemer it's necessary to try it because Turkey is a country with a rich history, many surviving artifacts, and ancient cities and settlements. And it's time to explore all this, diversifying the lazy rest on the beach.

The rich tour of Limira-Demre-Kekova will begin with the ancient city of Limira. The city was built in the fifth century AD and was the capital of the state of Liquid. Its ruins you can carefully explore and see the tombs of Limira with relief decorations up close. 

You can appreciate the Lycian sarcophagus "Xantabura" which is decorated with two proud sphinxes. Walk along with the ruins of the city walls, unwittingly presenting yourself as guests of the ancient theater, and see a necropolis about two hundred meters high. And you will also admire from the inside the Byzantine church and the local fortress. 
Demre is a city where you can visit the Cathedral of Nicholas the Wonderworker. This cathedral is the world center of the gathering of pilgrims. It was destroyed many times in attacks but successfully restored, so that the shrine continued to give their faith to people. And if you are not married yet, according to legend, touching the sarcophagus with your hand, in the near future, you will get married. This legend is definitely worth checking out.  We also offer to visit: Tour to Istanbul.

During an interesting and eventful excursion limira-Demre-Kekova from Kemer, you will definitely make a stop for a tasty lunch and even visit the onyx store, where you can buy souvenirs for memory. 

And at the end of the limira-Demre-Kekova tour, you will see the amazing sunken city of Kekova. It belongs to the protected sites and the search for artifacts is still going on there. You will be accompanied by a special yacht you will well consider the household items of another era and as if you were transported to those days.

Discover Turkey from a new, unexpected side in the Limira-Demre-Kekova tour from Kemer, and stock up on new knowledge and emotions for a long time. 



  • Transfer guests from the hotel on a comfortable bus with air conditioning.
  • Walk through the ancient Lycian city of Limira with a guide-historian.
  • Visit the city of Demre, where the Church of St. Nicholas is located.
  • Delicious lunch in the restaurant of dishes of national Turkish cuisine.
  • Journey by ship to the sunken island of Kekova, popular with a diver around the world. Inspection of the ruins and preserved household items of the ancient city in a boat with a glass bottom.
  • Stops in picturesque crystal-clear bays. We swim and enjoy the magnificent views.
  • The return trip to the hotel is on a comfortable air-conditioned bus.
Tour daysTuesday, Thursday, Sunday.
Tour hours
09:00 - 18:00
IncludesGuide, transfer, health insurance,
ExcludesPersonal expenses
RecommendedFunds for personal expenses, swimsuit
Adult 10
Children (7 - 12 Ages ) 7
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