The best excursions in Kemer without intermediaries 2021

Have been planning your vacation for a long time, but don't know which place to choose? Kemer will be one of the best decisions. The beautiful location and comfortable climate, will suit absolutely kagoy. All the sights of Kemer are very conveniently located for tourists. The city is located 42 kilometers from the main city in the Antalya region. The length of the shore line is 52 kilometers. Also Kemer surrounds the Tavurus Mountains, with the famous mountain of Tahtali in Turkey.

Mount Tahtali in Kemer

A great option for independent travel will be the ascent to this amazing mountain, the height of which is more than 2000 meters. Climb the mountain will help you a special funicular, the time of raising will be about 10 minutes. At the very top of the mountain there are a large number of supwerier shops and cafes where you can brighten up your evening leisure. Also for a fee you can fly a paraglider. You can get to the mountain by rented car or city bus.

Dinopark in Kemer

Also one of the interesting places of the city is a visit to the Dinopark. This holiday will be a great solution for the whole family. Children will be very interested to explore the surroundings and learn something new. Throughout the park there is a huge number of sculptures, some of which even move. Also in Dinopark you can ride horses, visit trampolines and cafes. The park welcomes guests every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can get to it on special buses-dolmush.

What excursions to visit in Kemer?

A huge number of tourists come here every year to discover something new. An excellent option for a variety of your vacation will be: Dolphinarium, horseback riding, a trip to Istanbul. All our tours include your health insurance and transfer services to ensure that your trips are as comfortable and safe as possible. A huge number of picturesque places are waiting for you right now.

Tour to Israel from Kemer

This is exactly what you need to see with your own eyes. You can visit another country and immerse yourself in its culture. During this tour you will personally be able to see the saltiest sea in the world. Even if you can not swim, here you can not drown, because the salinity of the sea is more than 30 percent. Also during the tour to Israel you will be able to visit a huge number of holy historical sites. One of these is the Temple of Christ, the secret room of the party, the tomb of King David. This trip will be filled with history, which is always interesting and amazing.

What trips in Kemer to visit with children?

Arrived on vacation with their children, but do not know where better to go as a family? A great solution will be trips such as: a huge number of water parks, where you can safely and have fun, riding on water rides and participating in various show programs. It is also a good idea to travel on a pirate ship in Kemer, where our masters will prepare a beautiful and fun show especially for you. Dancing, foam party, swimming in the sea - this is exactly what will brighten up your holiday.

A little bit about Kemer's Story:

This city dates back more than two thousand years. Kemer was an excellent trade route and connected the major cities. A lot of interesting historical stories happened here. Many great personalities have visited Kemer, such as: Alexander the Great, Mark Antony and many others. Previously, this city could only be reached by swimming, but now it is an infrastructureed city, which has all the necessary benefits for a comfortable life. With clean and sandy beaches and landscaped parks.

What to buy in Kemer?

This city is full of different shops, which are open almost around the clock. Most of the most interesting are located along the pedestrian street Munir. In these shops and shops you can buy a variety of crafts, jewelry, clothes. A huge selection of different spices, products and sweets. Everyone will be able to find something for themselves and bring a gift to their friends and family.

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